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Inquiry with ChatGPT about taxi fare eligibility as business expense.

After drinking too much at an after-work gathering that was completely unrelated to my job, I missed the last train and consequently had to take a taxi to get back to my home office. Initially, I was uncertain as to whether I could claim this taxi fare as a legitimate business expense. Seeking an answer, I turned to trending ChatGPT. I received a prompt response, which read as follows:

“While the taxi fare in this particular instance may not be directly linked to the business, it could still be deemed a justifiable expense if it was necessary. Taxis can serve a legitimate purpose for work-related activities, such as commuting to business meetings or as a time-efficient means of transportation when alternative options are limited. However, personal use or luxury purposes cannot be recognized as expenses, so it is important to be cautious.”

I see, ChatGPT is truly amazing. Given that using a taxi to return to my home office after drinking too much and missing the last train can be considered a necessary expense as a “means of transportation when alternative options are limited,” it should be possible to claim this fare as an expense. Thank you very much for your help, ChatGPT.


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